Swing is a term I coined referring to the physical embodiment and motion of memory between the conscious and subconscious mind. The true defining aspect of this work is expressed through the weight of line and the gesture of color in a way that juxtaposes each other; the line and the color share this symbiotic relationship. The repetition of the line creates tension or pressure. Some lines become blurred, overlapping each other, illustrating memory or the loss of memory as a physical pattern.

I approach color as an instinctual narrative relating to my childhood memories, current mood, and emotions. I remember playing in my grandparents’ yard, feeling the ribbed texture of the siding on their house; I remember peeling paint off in long strips from their large wooden swing. I associate the colors red and green with these memories as symbols of nostalgia, anxiety and love.

Muscle Memory is an extension of Swing, the compositions become solely dependent on the line and they begin to develop further, creating more depth, and space.  I find that building these linear structures have become a meditative practice and obsession.