Peel Statement

  Drawing No. 7 , Ink and Graphite on Paper 3.5" x 5", 2018

Drawing No. 7, Ink and Graphite on Paper 3.5" x 5", 2018


This series evolved as an extension to my previous series Swing, which focused on a repetition of line to invoke a visual representation of memory. Peel developed as a sculptural approach to this same concept of creating physical memories. I began to think of the layers of paper as abstract layers of memory; peeling them back to reveal these skin-like planes, adding new dimensions to the pieces by incorporating space and shadow as part of the piece. This physical and abstract act of layering has become a significant action in my work.

The physical paintings add another dimension, either representing specific memories, a memory of place or time. Color is a major aspect of the paintings representing memory and an emotional reaction to that memory. I often associate certain colors to certain people. Warmer tones remind me of my Memere, who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s and heart related problems. This trauma is what began this quest to try to understand memory and the loss of memory. These warm tones invoke nostalgia and a feeling of security and comfort. Cooler earth and jewel tones act as a grounding agent or foundation to the series. I often associate these tones to a sense of place, which reminds me of growing up outdoors and finding solitude in nature. Many of these paintings reveal multiple layers of paint and therefore multiple memories of place and people.

The parchment paper has become the catalyst of the series. Referencing a skin-like material archiving memory, history and age. The paper often becomes a physical object, the textures becomes scars and wrinkles breathing new depth into the work. The Layers and color of the paper become a biographical human component of the series.