Ivory and Obsidian is a series of paintings and drawings that captures the playful dynamic bond between my two recently adopted huskies. As I watched their relationship grow, I became interested in small moments between them--their connection as they played, or fought, and the various moods their body language displayed. I began to notice the subtleties in movement and expression, a form of language that is understood and yet beyond my understanding, only guessed at. The series became a way to document canine behavior and reduce the interactions I observed to form and line, abstractions of anatomy that still carry the emotion and language of these two expressive creatures.



They run, bursting forth into the light. I study them as their forms merge from two beings to one.  Anatomy and gesture evolve as they dance out of sight. Black and white, light and dark they dissolve into abstraction. A graceful battle, a moment caught in time. Do they fight for dominance, or play for fun?

They are energy and gesture.

They are ivory and obsidian.